ABOUT Cotidiano Mujer

Centro de Comunicacion Virginia Woolf

Located in Montevideo, Uruguay and founded in 1985, Cotidiano Mujer is the first and only Uruguayan feminist magazine. Cotidiano Mujer’s objective is to create a feminist cultural space specifically oriented towards communication and publication. During the last few years, this space has included different areas of cultural and governmental participation, research, empowerment and social articulation.


*Promote social, cultural and political change that makes possible a democracy with justice and gender equality

*Support and strengthen the women’s movements at a national and regional level and to bring a feminist focus to public spaces

*Empower women’s networks by revalorizing their actions and contributions

*Empower political, theoretical and communication tools that promote questioning of discriminatory cultural norms

*Contribute to the democratization of methods of communication in order to guarantee plurality and diversity in the social and political realm

*Generate action that brings women’s rights to the public sphere through campaigns that promote sensibility and contribute to the development of a culture of human rights

*Contribute to capacitating and advising groups and organizations that work in the area of communication and gender

*Influence the modification of sexist stereotypes in current methods of communication and develop a plural and democratic politics of communication.


*Edit three annual publications of the magazine Cotidiano Mujer

*Edit 2 annual publications of the bilingual international feminist magazine LOLAPRESS, together with editors in Germany and South Africa

*Broadcast (since 1994) the daily radio program "Never on Sunday" on a nation-wide AM station

*Publish books and diverse informational materials

*Organize seminars and debate forums

*Maintain the Documentation Center, which specializes in themes related to women and is open to the public for research and students

Mercosur Sector

Mercosur is the common market of the south, a regional integration scheme involving Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina with Bolivia and Chile as preferential partners. Cotidiano Mujer participates in the regional program "Women and Democracy in Mercosur" along with CECYM (Argentina), ISIS International, Instituto de la Mujer y MEMCH (Chile) y the Network of Popular Education between Women REPEM (Uruguay).

Health and Sexual and Reproductive Rights Sector

Along with other national NGOs, Cotidiano Mujer participates in the MYSU Group (Women and Health in Uruguay) with activities to promote sensibility, diffusion and capacitation in the area of health and sexual and reproductive rights.


This website contains past publications of Cotidiano Mujer as well as a database of articles and books found in our library. Most of our information is in Spanish, but if you would like more information in English, please email cotidian@cotidianomujer.org.uy.